Thursday, March 5, 2009

Faeries visit the Library

I currently have a display of faeries at the Canisteo Elementary School. My intent was to take a book and make it alive for the children to encourage them to read and use their own imaginations. These faeries are 4" tall..I used a body pattern by Cindee normal sculptures are in the range of 15" to 30"...something this tiny was a true challenge! Although the same pattern was used for all the bodies..none are exactly alike....embellishments, garments and even their "hair" differ. I used a photo of butterfly wings that was in a coloring book then painted them using watercolor pencils. I have told the children that these sculptures are Art and not Toys...never to be played with but to be admired and treasured because that's what people do with Art. One little girl told me the faeries talked to reply was well "they talk to me too!" The request for a new display is being was suggested I do "Alice in Wonderland"....I am seriously considering doing it.....but other promised projects have to be completed first.

Mary Jane Campbell Davis

Mary Jane was entered in the "Rocky Mountain Sew Festival/Denver Doll Artisans Art Nouveau Challenge recently..the fantastic news is that she was awarded a Blue Ribbon and Best Story Category! She took months to create due to extensive research and the fact that I hand sew all my sculptures. To be as authentic as possible I used antique and vintage materials that would have been used in the 1890's. Her "suit" is deep blue velvet lined with blue twill and embellished with black French lace and trims. To also follow tradition she wears 3 petticoats, a beaded corset, corset cover and bloomers. To compliment her suit I also created two tone high top lether boots, leather gloves, organza purse, parasol with a pewter Celtic motif and her fantastic hat that is adorned with peacock feathers and antique trims. The brooch she wears is an actual photo of the real Mary Jane Campbell Davis who was my Great Great Great Grandmother! Mary Jane was a decendant of Lord John Campbell of Scotland. Her husband was Benjamin Franklin Davis, a Civil War veteran, whose family was from Wales. Later family connections will include a decendant of the Royal Stuart's, Andrew Jackson, and the artistic Douw family of Holland. I started my genealogical research at age 12...who would have known that 40+ years later it would be honored by awards!