Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love what I do!

I created this to represent my wish for an end to childhood disease. The head and torso were a pattern by Sherry Goshon for a challenge to create an angel's wish for the new year. I sewed a bandana on the infant's head to symbolize chemotherapy. The angel doesn't have a strongly painted face as I wanted her to appear spiritual...I also used bright cheery fabrics that children like and her lower body is actually a coin bank for saving donations for a cure.

Cloth Artistic Sculptures

My Sunny maypole faery was a commissioned creation. The tidbits I was given were that the doll was for a person born in May..loves yellow...and has ash blonde hair....................so Sunny seemed to be perfect for the doll. I am pleased to report that she was bought "sight unseen" and that she now has a new home in New York city....and the new owners report she has received glowing critique from all who have seen her! I handsew all my creations and her display stand was also created by me.......her needlesculpted/handpainted face shows she is having the time of her life as she plays in the sunshine..don't we all want such a fun carefree life!