Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Geisha

I created this doll for a challenge at CNYDAG ...we were allowed to use black/white/and one other color. This doll later was on display at the Ontario County Arts Council ATA Gallery in Canandaigua, New York for the month of May 2007. The show was also a sale of our sculptures..some dolls sold..alot of business cards were taken by visitors to the gallery..hopefully for future purchases.

The Leprechaun and the Faery Princess

Such sweetness.....and yet Nana knows what the little imp has in mind for later...spoiling from Nana..and if you ask him he'll tell you that too!

A newer view of the princess

The faery princess awaits her Nana's spoiling....and of course she gets spoiled many times on a daily basis too!

A peek at a faery princess

Proud Nana and her faery this view only a couple of weeks old. Not a flattering view of myself with the neck brace...but time doesn't wait and baby's grow fast and their looks change overnight!

More animals

They're such hams and love to pose! Our black lab is about 7 yrs old and claims everyone's bed as her own! Mr. Sebastian...the totally graceful so laid back that he sleeps on his back..belly exposed for all to rub and demands it quite often too! Who could resist the little beggar saying little foxy boy...his mouth is bigger than he is when anyone pulls into our driveway or drives by on a motorcycle.....what a sassy tough guy he becomes!

A view of my deer and me

The deer isn't had just nibbled a flower out of my pots and I was just petting it and it wanted to be petted some more.

Animal Friends

My new friend is shown here bidding farewell after our first encounter. This is not a pet but truly a wild animal that decided I wasn't a threat. It had walked right up to me and let me scratch it's head and pet it....stayed a while..then wandered back into the woods behind my house. It has been back to visit at least 4 more times with the same results....we have a nice nibbles on my weeds and flowers that are past their time..nibbles on the apples that have dropped off our old tree..then wanders around..peeks into the house through the sliding glass door ( acts like it would go inside if allowed) then slowly makes its way back into the woods!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goddess Brighid

Inspired by a painting by artist Mickie goddess Brighid is almost 3' tall. She wears celti bands on her arms ans a genuine stone in her pendant.

Hells Belles

She seems to be in control of things, she was another doll I created for the gallery show.

Money Talks

This problem child seems to have found out that money talks..he wonders what you'd do for money....sounds dangerous yet tempting doesn't it? This doll was one of the dolls I had on display at the art gallery.

Artists of different times and mediums

Chagall's Acrobat..............................This doll was for a challenge at Doll Street Dreamers. To create a doll influenced by certain artists..If they were making this doll what would it look like. I used common themes in Chagall's art....clock/faery/bright colors/a patchwork design bird. This doll also was sent to Columbus, ohio...AFIC show...what an honor to be there with other doll artists who are very talented and well known.

Gallery Atr Show

May 2007 I had the honor to have a display of some of my sculptures at the Ontario county Arts Council ATA gallery in Canandaigua , NY .....The dolls I displayed ranged in size from 8" to 30"...all handsewn. I needlesculpt and handpaint their faces..and most of them are wired for posability.

Expanding oneself---different cultures

A recent challenge , sponsored by Patti Culea at Doll Street Deamers. was to create a doll in the style of the "hungry ghost" celebration. It also was to show the tradition of foot binding. As you can see by the background..I spent more time on sewing than on housework.

Introducing myself

I created this funny little doll from a pattern by Mary Tressler called Suzy. I had fun mixing and matching fabric and trims to give her a festive look. I want this doll to be a compliment to Mary for her great pattern and a tribute to Susie O......may her memory inspire others to keep doll art alive.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cloth Artistic Sculptures

If one could put a voice to my muse that others could would be light and fantasy with sweet celtic sounds playing softly. There would be friendly creatures who stop to play and frolic through the meadows...yet find when it's time for a rest one needs to follow the pungent earthy smells of the forest, a cool stream and a playful waterfall to lull us to sleep.

I create sculptures made of cloth. I needlesculpt and handpaint their faces and they are totally handsewn. Their garments are also handsewn and I use new and vintage materials and embellish them with natural stones, crystals, beads, silk flowers, lace and anything my imagination leads me to use. I create mostly fae but do create other characters as inspired or commissioned.

Enjoy your visit into my world where peace abides.....and the creatures tell "ye harm none" "so mote it be".
Hugs and Blessings