Monday, January 7, 2008

Rockin' in the parlor

and giving the dog a bone. Kicking back..check out the footwear..and this old lady seems happier than her pooch! Another entry at gallery show with the AC/DC theme.

Money Talks

BACK VIEW...this shows what his tricycle cart holds.

Money Talks

Some people have money to play with..I use play money for art! This is another sculpture created for the show....another one inspired by AC/DC.

Hells Belles


Hells Belles

Created for my gallery show...inspired by my favorite rock band AC/DC...this sculpture gives new meaning to the phrase..'belle of the ball'

Lotus shoe challenge

I created this sculpture using the body pattern from Michelle Munzone and then my muse took over and I designed the garment and created life size lotus shoes. Note the traditional make up and colors used. I also used jade and pearls for embellishments..the kimono is made from silk and I "bound" the feet as is also traditional. Also to note is the hair style and head dress.

Insiration board

This is my inspiration board showing the elements I used when designing my sculpture...a faery.a patchwork bird..a clock..vivid color...somewhat distorted head and body shape..and of course his painting of an acrobat. I hope I paid him a compliment with my work.

AFIC entry

This is the sculpture I entered in the AFIC 2007 "Chagall's Acrobat". This sculpture is own design...has elements which are found in Chagall's paintings. I needlesculpted and handpainted the faces...wired the bodies for posability...and created the stand which resembles a circus tent.

Mermaid Business Card Holder

I created this mermaid to hold my business cards while they were displayed at the gallery show along with several of my cloth sculptures....I also make these card holders to be purchased on special order...real shells are used for embellishment...the face is hand painted..her body is wired and weighted for posability.

Goddess Brighid

At almost 3 foot tall...Brighid is totally sewn by hand...her body is wired for posability.....her face is needlesculpted and handpainted...she wears genuine stones and beads..celtic armbands...and her garment is made from vintage fabric I cut from an old wedding gown. I created rings for her fingers and she lights the way with her "flames".

Farey Princess Erin

A full view of my faery shows more details

Showing more of my creations

This is my faery princess Erin...she is a cloth sculpture who enjoys wearing her vintage tiara and has her frog to watch over her.